Teaser: Pod 219 of the Gerry Anderson Podcast - The Gerry Anderson Podcast


Teaser: Pod 219 of the Gerry Anderson Podcast

Would you like to peek into the minds of aliens from UFO with comics expert Shaqui Le Vesconte? Investigate dramatic happenings with the Randomeister himself, Chris Dale? Or perhaps hear some splendid FAB Facts read to you by Jamie Anderson? There's only one place you can do all these things– it's the Gerry Anderson Podcast! Don't forget to subscribe!


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The Gerry Anderson Podcast
Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999 and much much more...

About your hosts

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Jamie Anderson

Producer, writer and director. CEO of Anderson Entertainment. Son of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, and Space: 1999 creator - the late Gerry Anderson.
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Chris Dale

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Richard James

Playing Officer Orrin in Gerry Anderson's last live action series 'Space Precinct' clearly wasn't enough to put Richard off the worlds of Gerry Anderson!

As well as co-hosting the Gerry Anderson Podcast and the almost-monthly Facebook, Twitch, Periscope and Youtube broadcast, FabLive, Richard has also taken parts in the audio series 'Terrahawks' and the pilot minisode for the forthcoming 'Gerry Anderson's Firestorm'.