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Episode 97

Pod 97: Lavender Castle voice artist David Holt (Part Two)

David Holt is back for part two of his chat with Jamie about his love of Anderson shows and the process of working with Gerry Anderson on his 1999 series Lavender Castle.

1:00 - Introductions and welcomes from Richard and Jamie. And... do you remember Oakie Doke?!

3:30 - FAB Facts... with some unusual transmissions

8:30 - Transmissions from across the Podsterverse... Podsteronverse?

16:10 - The Gerry Anderson news

23:00 - Podsteron emails and tweets and stuff

28:10 - David Holt part two - and how he got to work with Gerry Anderson

52:02 - Some inbetween stuff from Richard and Jamie

58:30 - Chris Dale's Randomiser - live from Mars!

1:21:00 - Closing ceremonies

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Playing Officer Orrin in Gerry Anderson's last live action series 'Space Precinct' clearly wasn't enough to put Richard off the worlds of Gerry Anderson!

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