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Episode 140

Pod 140: Scotland's Troy Tempest– Kelvin Murray!

We're going below the surface with our interviewee Kelvin Murray this week... Specifically, below the Antarctic surface. Kelvin tells us how he made the transition from studying Derek Meddings' underwater effects in Stingray and Thunderbirds to exploring the uncharted waters of the South Pole! Wildlife conservation, polar expeditions, survival training, underwater photography, working with submersibles... and it all began with the fictional adventures of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol and International Rescue!

01:07 Bull's Eye! You've hit the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

03:18 FAB Facts where Jamie flicks through a book of FAB Facts and Richard shouts FAB and Jamie stops flicking and Jamie reads a FAB Fact!

08:13 Missives from Podsterons (Listeners)!

15:08 The Gerry Anderson News

17:37 The Podsteron Facebook Group

21:36 Kelvin Murray – Part Two

41:46 Podsterons to Podcast HQ!

46:06 Chris Dale signals 10-10 for Part Two of a Randomiser Double Take!

01:08:31 Wrapping things up

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