Pod 111: Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince from the Infinite Monkey Cage - The Gerry Anderson Podcast

Episode 111

Published on:

27th Jul 2020

Pod 111: Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince from the Infinite Monkey Cage

This week we're honoured to have Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince from the Infinite Monkey Cage join us this week to talk their love of Space:1999 and all things Gerry Anderson and science fiction.

01:00 Introductory stuff

04:10 FAB Facts - a gruesome one this week!

09:30 Podsterons messages from all over the world, and Richard James opens a can of worms...

15:00 Gerry Anderson News including an exclusive preview of Big Finish's Space 1999 Volume 1 audio episodes.

21:55 Some other thoughts and messages courtesy of Mister Richard James and our lovely listeners.

25:55 Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince give us a sort of Infinite Monkey Cage/Gerry Anderson Podcast crossover... (Part One)

45:18 More messages from our Podsterons

52:05 Chris Dale's incredible Randomiser

01:16:05 Wrapping things up

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